Obesity, in particular Abdominal Adiposity is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Prevention of obesity and diabetes is mandatory, to avoid Myocardial Infraction, Stroke and complications of Diabetes. This is the mission of the "Matricia Weight Clinic".
The Context
Industrial progress, the accelerating pace of urban life and the profound changes in working conditions generate stress and nutritional imbalances. These problems, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, have caused a worldwide epidemic of overweight and obesity...
The Medical Management
The prevention center combines several disciplines: medicine, surgery, nutrition, stress management, physical activities, adapted to each person according to his / her profile, personality and needs...
The Clinic
This Clinic will fit with high standards in terms of Technologies, Equipments, Diagnostic Platforms, Surgical and Medical Treatments, linked to International Medical Universities and Hospitals, Clinical Experts and Academic Institutions..